The Prophecy of the Kings Trilogy

Fantasy by David Burrows

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Book 1 Legacy of the Eldric - "recommended books”

  “I highly recommend this novel to any fan of fantasy fiction.”

In Legacy of the Eldric he has certainly achieved his aim; the characters are memorable and the plot is fast-paced and exciting. This is solid fantasy; exactly what a fantasy doctor would order for those looking for an enjoyable escape from reality, fans of Tolkien, Hobb and Moorcock will love what they find here. Definitely recommended. 7.8 out of 10

  All in all I was impressed with how much story took place.

Kaplyn faces a dilemma. In a heart-pounding journey through a bedevilled tower set with traps he must find an ancient Eldric talisman. Everything in the tower seems unreal and he must use all his cunning to survive. Vastra, a self professed sorcerer, claims the talisman will reveal the whereabouts of the Eldric, a lost race who were instrumental in defeating Drachar and the demon hordes in the legendary Krell Wars. But is Vastra to be trusted? He is manipulative, lusts for power and harbours a secret for which he will kill to protect.

Their journey is fraught with danger and there are indications that demons are crossing the Divide, but are these random events or more worryingly an indication that Drachar’s might is once more on the rise?

Vastra reveals devastating news. He claims to understand the cryptic lines of an ancient prophecy, shocking Kaplyn in an attempt to sway his allegiance. A cataclysm of power will disrupt the very foundation of the worlds and a rent in the fabric of space will allow the spirit of a dead emperor, Shastlan, to cross the Divide. Not content with destroying one world his ghostly gaze now alights on another.

An epic fantasy set in a unique world as dragons, demons and guardian angels are set to clash.


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Legacy of the Eldric, believabe fantasy, Dragons and Demons clash