The Prophecy of the Kings Trilogy

Fantasy by David Burrows

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Drachar is a ruthless and ambitious sorcerer who will stop at nothing to wreak revenge against those who betrayed him. From a lowly, although arrogant Eldric lord to commander of the most deadly army the land has ever seen, he pitches relentless hordes of powerful soul devouring demons against his own people, the Eldric.

Fierce battle is to commence and all in its path must fight or risk their soul being sent screaming from their twitching corpses. Madness tears at Drachar, a constant reminder of what should happen if he fails in his bloody pact; delivering one hundred thousand souls to the demons in exchange for the greatest of power. The Eldric must learn to summon demons of their own to stand any chance against Drachar’s deadly arsenal of krell, demons and grakyn.

Magic and swords clash together in a war of such catastrophic proportions that the world will be forever stricken. Join Drachar the outcast as he rises to omnipotence. The die are cast and events are set in motion that look set to destroy the world.  

The race is on for war threatens; a war like no other for sorcerer will battle sorcerer and demon set against demon. Authored by David and Andrew Burrows.

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Dale Ziemianski

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Before I write anything else, I'll mention that I enjoyed reading Drachar's Demons. It's one of the most enjoyable fantasy books I've read this

Fans of high fantasy that features an eclectic array of races, strong plot and lots of well-realised battles should look no further as Drachar’s Demons will satisfy in all areas. I greatly look forward to watching this author’s catalogue grow in the future. 7.8 out of 10

The insidious descent into evil dictated by one man's (Drachar’s) search for power and the defense mounted by those who support goodness is presented in this entertaining tale which features wonderfully intriguing beings such as the flying grakyn and the evil krell. A great introduction to the series. (Prophecy of the Kings)