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Epic Fantasy Saga in the vein of Gemmell and Moorcock

The saga starts with Drachar’s Demons. Demon attacks are cyclic, occurring every five hundred years when the veil between the worlds thins sufficiently to allow demons to cross. Fear stalks the land, for not only are the people’s lives at stake, but their souls are forfeit; dragged from their bodies and damned to eternal torment in Hell.

The Eldric must learn to battle demons for one of their people, Drachar, has forged an unholy pact, promising the demons one hundred thousand souls in exchange for power. Armies are summoned and war is imminent. A clash of powers disrupts the very fabric between the worlds. War is now but a distant memory but the fear of demons remains vivid in the people’s imagination. The Edric have mysteriously vanished and the only means of defeating a future demon threat is the discovery of a world of dragons. But are they salvation or damnation. Find out In Drachar’s Demons and the trilogy Prophecy of the Kings, comprising Legacy of the Eldric, Dragon Rider and Shadow of the Demon.

Fantasy Author David Burrows Short Stories Gold Award winner

Book 1

Legacy of the Eldric

Wizard’s Downfall

Terror Unleashed

A Fight for Possession, Body and Soul

Blood of the Dragon

A Meeting of Souls

A Death Knight is Born

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The Prophecy of the Kings - GOLD Award Winning Fantasy Book (2010) -

“Burrows words are like magic. He paints a portrait on each page.”

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Author Reading from the Legacy of the Eldric

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