The Prophecy of the Kings fantasy by David Burrows
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Read the prequal to the Prophecy of the Kings - Drachar’s Demons.

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What the Reviewers Say

one heck of a good story.”

“…a highly enjoyable series of books”

“…it's among the best fantasy books published during the recent years.”  

I highly recommend this novel to any fan of fantasy fiction.”

 Gold Award Winner 2010 and Book of the Month

The Prophecy of the Kings a Fantasy trilogy by David BurrowsGold Award winner

Book 2 Dragon Rider

Book 3  Shadow of the Demon

Book 1  Legacy of the Eldric

The Prophecy of the Kings is also available in an Omnibus edition, in soft-back – 3 books in one epic volume. Gold Award Winning books. High fantasy.

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Legacy of the Eldric, high fantasy by David Burrows, myths meet legendsDragon Rider, sorcery, wizards, imps clash in this fantasy seriesShadow of the Demon, fantasy series with mythical beasts, myths, legendsProphecy of the Kings, epic fantasy, fantasy seriesDrachar's Demons, Fantasy by author David Burrows

Read about my world; mythical creatures, fantasy characters, folklore. Myths, and legends come to life as imps, wizards, and sorcery clash in the High Fantasy novel by David Burrows. Click the links above to buy the novel online