The Prophecy of the Kings fantasy by David Burrows
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Drachar's Demons - Fantasy by Author David Burrows. Best Books

Read the prequal to the Prophecy of the Kings - Drachar’s Demons.

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What the Reviewers Say

“…one heck of a good story.

“…a highly enjoyable series of books”

“…it's among the best fantasy books published during the recent years.”  

I highly recommend this novel to any fan of fantasy fiction.”

 Gold Award Winner 2010 and Book of the Month

The Prophecy of the Kings a Fantasy trilogy by David Burrows Gold Award winner

Book 2 Dragon Rider

Book 3  Shadow of the Demon

Book 1  Legacy of the Eldric

The Prophecy of the Kings is also available in an Omnibus edition, in soft-back – 3 books in one epic volume. Gold Award Winning books.

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Legacy of the Eldric, a fantasy novel by David Burrows, author Dragon Rider, a fantasy nove by author David Burrows Shadow of the Demon, a fantasy novel by author David Burrows Prophecy of the Kings, Fantasy by David Burrows