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Hi. I am David Burrows and I thoroughly enjoy writing as much as reading. I love reading both Fantasy and Historical Fiction and find a great deal of similarity, especially books about Rome or Saxon Britain. Great battles, a smattering of politics, superstition etc.

My favourite authors are Tolkien, George RR Martin, Michael Sullivan, Simon Scarrow, Bernard Cornwell and many more. I was greatly influenced by the Silmarillion, which is like marmite to most folk. You either love it or hate it. Iloved the grandness of the tale. It is quite morbid, as famous and beautiful Elvish houses fall, one after another. The glory of a human leading the elves to disaster against a dragon. Amazing titles such as The Battle of Unnumbered Tears. Wow, so moving.

Writing is not easy and I found myself on one occasion, completely stuck. I had written my characters into a corner and could not see a way forward. I refused to backtrack and several months later, inspiration struck. It was like reading someone else's book. I really enjoyed that moment and often wonder where the idea sprang from.

I do think my writing, or at least my story telling, has benefited from life experiences. I have been in the Territorial Army so understand comradeship and hard times in the mountains in snow and ice. I was in Regia Anglorum as a Saxon warrior. I have fought in a shield wall and sheltered under my shield in an arrow storm. I have also stood in front of a one hundred hors cavalry charge. That was terrifying, especially given that one horse skidded into our line and hurled a chap next to me tens of yards from the line.

I wrote my books when my wife was pregnant with our two sons. She allowed me time to write as she struggled with later stages of pregnancy!

My books have done well with any good reviews including a Gold Award on 2010 for the and Book of the Month on, Like the Silmarillion I also get negative reviews, but all reviews are genuine and none from badgering family members.

I do hope you take time to read my books and enjoy them as much as I have. Thanks for visiting my site and if you Best wishes

David Burrows Fantasy Author

Fantasy author David Burrows Fantasy author David Burrows Fantasy author David Burrows

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Fantasy Author David Burrows

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Fantasy author David Burrows

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