The Prophecy of the Kings fantasy by David Burrows
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A time is fast approaching when demons will once more cross the great divide, seeking fresh souls. The people are largely ignorant of this fact. Their saviours, the Eldric, have mysteriously vanished from the land, leaving behind only the crumbling remains of their once proud cities. The Prophecy, although not forgotten, has become a tale for children dreaming of heroic deeds in a distant war, but Drachar’s followers have not been idle as they seek to influence events predicting that He will once more stalk the land, leading a demon horde.

A quest to find what became of the Eldric leads to the discovery of a power, deep in the heart of a mountain. Its discovery will rekindle fresh hope that the Eldric can be found. In the coming conflict, new allies will be sought. A clash of powers will breach the fabric between the worlds, allowing the shade of a dead emperor to cross the divide. Priests of Ryoch will seek children with an evil shaol, creating omnipotent warriors. Death-knights will stalk the living and dragons will be set against demons.

In a land smothered by doubt and treachery, few can be trusted. Friends that were once allies now seemingly stand with the enemy. A gateway to the demon world threatens all of humanity as once more a cloak of darkness covers the land.

Prophecy of the Kings, Best buy, Omnibus edition, fantasy by David Burrows