The Map of the Land

The Nations of the Land

Aldrace. (Not on the map - to the southeast of Trosgarth). Forever an ally of Trosgarth. A faithful dog and lackey. The people have been defeated in the past whereas Trosgarth  was never defeated perhaps explaining why its people are tribal. The capital is Drishnak, although this has fallen largely into disrepair.

Allund. Ruled by a King. Its nearest neighbour is Thrace although  the mountains make trade difficult. To the north is Hullin and that is forested. Allund is a gentle land of rolling hills. The greatest forest is KanAnor and few venture there, simply because it is immense. The capital is Dundalk which is where Kaplyn hails from.

Alvalah. This is a race of people who have withdrawn into KinAnor forest, preferring seclusion to mingling with the other races. They are a race of albinos that live in a tree city. The Alvalah claim kinship with the Eldric, although proof of this is lost in time.

Bhutan. A mixture of mountains and plains. Home to the southern dwarves.

Chalynth. This land was ravaged in the Krell Wars and never really recovered.

Eldric. A people that came across the ocean, despite the permanent storm, or perhaps before it. They brought peace to the land, tipping the balance of power in favour of the alliance. Their cities are strongly defended and they build in stone, whereas other nations build primarily with wood. Most, if not all the Eldric have sorcerous abilities, even if only with elementals.

Hullin. A forested country with only a few cities. It’s people are renowned archers.

Southern kingdoms. These are West Meath, Bhutan and the fastness of the southern dwarves.

The Dwarves. Thandor is their northern homeland although in the Prophecy of the Kings, little has been heard from Thandor in many years. The dwarves also reside in West Meath in the Southern Kingdoms and Kandor, on the border with Chalynth. The dwarves pilgrimage to Thandor at least once in their lifetime.

Thrace. East Kingdom that often bears the brunt of war with Trosgarth. The capital is CarCamel, see below. It is protected on one side by the River Torrid. Its walls are formidable and protected by spells, but inside the walls the city is vulnerable with one main street leading to its heart. KinKassack is the largest forest in the land and lies on its northern borders. In the time of the Prophecy of the Kings, KinKassack has and evil reputation and no one dares enter its leafy domain.

Trosgarth. A warlike nation whose people withdrew behind its borders when the Eldric settled a peace that lasted for many years. A mountainous kingdom which has kept it protected from attack.

West Meath. Vast plains and its people are renowned horsemen.

Defences of CarCamel

This is an example of the defences of CarCamel. Note the bridge connecting the tower of the outer wall to the inner wall. This was a key aspect in the city’s defence.

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