Central Fantasy Characters from Drachar’s Demons

Lothanol. He is the central character, an Eldric lord caught spying on the demon world in search for power. He is outcast and renamed Drachar. He is hell-bent on making a pact with the demons and his sanity is close to meltdown as the demons haunt his sleep, demanding the payment he promised. Already unhinged, his mental state deteriorates rapidly, making him ever more dangerous to friend and foe alike.

Ashona. A quiet unassuming Eldric Lady at the start of the troubles, but forced to the forefront of the battle to gain knowledge about the demons. The Eldric have limited their knowledge to elementals and that power is weak at best. Demons will fight their summoning and for very grain of power used, the summoner has to match it, or die screaming.

Salar, Drachar’s apprentice. Rather a naïve  individual who is going with the flow rather than following Drachar for his own ambition.

Ellard, an Eldric prince, son of Darwyl, the king. Ellard is pompous and naïve. His bravery is also in question. His character develops throughout the plot. He has a significant role to play, for better or worse and his actions lead to the events in the Prophecy of the Kings.

Darwyl, the King of the Eldric. Charismatic, good looking and a leader of men. Perhaps that is why Drachar has built up such a hatred for the king and his people. What has he achieved? According to Drachar, nothing except having been born into royalty.

 Central Fantasy Characters from Legacy of the Eldric

Kaplyn. A prince from Allund, but ninth in line to the throne. Court life is tedious at best and he longs for an adventure. Be careful what you wish for! His life is on a collision course with fate. His actions will save or doom the people of the land.  

Lars. Shipwrecked on the Allund coast. He is from across the sea where a permanent storm rages, preventing anyone from crossing. His gods are not those of the other people and they seem dangerous gods as they prepare their followers for a coming war with the giants. He is strong of body, but weak when it comes to temptations.

Lomar. He is an Alvalan who are a race of albinos that claim kinship with the Eldric. Lomar is a prince and plagued with fear of his ability to detach his soul from his body. An noble did this in the past and used his power for evil. It is rumoured that his soul lost the link back to his body and his ghost still haunts the halls of Gilfillan.

Vastra. Wow, what to say. A self-confessed sorcerer in a time when sorcerers no longer exist. Is he deluded by ambition. There is no doubt that he craves power and as Kaplyn learns, he has command of magic. There are more surprises for Kaplyn and a significant shock to boot.

Central Fantasy Characters from Dragon Rider and Shadow of the Demon

Tumarl. A Thracian farmer who escapes the krell mines and flees through KinKassack. His friends and family have been butchered by the krell and he dreams of revenge. However, vengeance eats at his mind like a cancer, becoming his single and only goal.

Alyn. A Thracian prince with little patience for strategy or matters of court. A dreamer.

Ariome. A witch in the pay role of  Trosgarth and living in Thrace. Her skills are akin to Vastra’s making her a sorceress of some power. She is vein and arrogant, but has an ability to die for.

Astalus. The Thracian court wizard. A young man with a significant ability beyond his years. He has a kara-stone which enhances his ability. Destiny has a guiding hand in his future and his actions could seriously harm the allied course.

Catriona. Princess of Thrace with a far deeper understanding of court life and strategy than her elder brother, Alyn. She hungers to be involved whereas he has no interest at all.

Fiad. He is a prince from Bhutan and rumour suggest his profile fits the prophecy and he is the King to lead the people against Drachar’s second coming. Fiad is kingly in actions and deeds, but he is a prince and whilst his father lives he cannot be the king described in the prophecy.

Nate. A Thracian soldier, a long way from home. He is envious of his Heft Commander until the fighting starts and then realises the brutal reality of command.

Orrin. The Tharn Commander of the Allund forces. A bear of a man and a very capable leader.

Shastlan. A traitor and murderer, a ghostly shade doomed to wander his dying home world, until a tear in the fabric between the worlds allows him another choice  He knows the truth about dragons, but will his conscience drive him to a better decision to his last one.

Tallin. A Thracian Haft Commander assigned to guard Kaplyn and the others. A professional soldier and astute commander.

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Fantasy Characters from the Prophecy of the Kings