The Prophecy of the Kings Trilogy

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Fantasy author David’ Burrows has won a Gold Award on 2010 for Prophecy of the \kings which featured as Book of the Month on so his author pedigree is certainly growing.

David has lived in Blackpool, Liverpool, Edinburgh and he now resides in the Garden of England, Kent. He was a Captain in the TA (2/52 Lowland), an experienced mountain climber and more recently has taken part in Saxon/Viking re-enactment. David's fantasy writing has benefited from these real life experiences: hours slogging up and down mountains and fighting in a shield wall and although never maimed or killed, David has broken bones on several occasions, so the fighting at times has felt very real.

As with most aspiring authors, David's writing is part time, with the plots progressing in the evenings and holidays and also during his wife’s pregnancies. At times David's tales seemed to naturally take the characters into extreme peril, and for months he was left wondering as to their fate. This is known as writer’s block! Refusing to rewrite the tale to rescue them he patiently waited before inspiration struck and the story continued at a fast pace to the next cliff-hanger. Suffice to say David's two sons have now grown up and, as the quill dries, are of an age to read and appreciate this work and to develop their own writing. As to the characters in David's tales, they too have grown older and wiser; as to whether they survived the tale, only reading the novel will tell.

David hopes you take time to check out his works and enjoy them.

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Fantasy author David Burrows Fantasy author David Burrows Fantasy author David Burrows

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Fantasy Author David Burrows

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Fantasy author David Burrows

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